We made it to Salzburg a couple times, but didn’t really end up spending much time here either trip. However, we did carve out a few hours to explore a couple landmarks:

The Fortress – I really wanted to explore this as to me it was very different from the palaces we had seen, but along those same lines. Seth’s family jokes about how each member has a certain favorite activity on trips: i.e. photography, shopping, museums, etc. I discovered mine is exploring castles and palaces especially if they give you a feel for how they used to live. Daily life is the part of history I find the most captivating. This landmark was definitely worth the visit. It had a lot of great exhibitions throughout and you got this amazing view of the city. All the weapons of torture did have me a little queasy though.

Seth convinced me that this scary thing is how they used to give shots. Gullible maybe, but I was am freaked out!

Residenzplatz – We really just walked through this area on our way to the Fortress, but it was still a landmark so I say it counts. It was so fun. I love places where you are free to walk around and don’t have to worry about cars running you over. We ended up getting a great little ink print from a vendor on the street. They also had some great street performers and this one guy who could make a quick silhouette like nobody’s business.


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