{munich: take two}

So for our second visit to Munich, preaching #2, we finally got a chance to explore the city and a couple of the surrounding suburbs. We stayed with some family friends who in my opinion have the whole hospitality thing down. They had this great balance of being flexible with when you came and went, but also kept you well fed. There was always food waiting on the table when we got back. They even made dinner for us one night…when they were dining out. That pretty much blew me away. If we stayed here too long, I think we would have gained some major weight. Maybe we did…but the great thing about any European adventure is you are bound to walk off any extra calories by just exploring the city. So without further ado, here’s what we saw:


Glockenspiel – Definitely a classic. It was a great introduction to Germany, and we timed it perfect for the chimes to begin. It was quite the highlight as a crowd of people gathered all around and stared up at the clock tower. However, it was pretty entertaining for what I imagined as we waited for it to begin. Don’t worry I won’t include spoilers, but the end of the little show includes a fun surprise.

Viktualienmarkt – I really enjoy markets. I find them so interesting to just walk through and observe. This was a fruit and vegetable market, but we also were able to see some local dancing. I’m not sure the official type of dancing, but for the sake of documenting something, I’ll call it boot-slap dancing. They were all dressed up in lederhosen and dirndl. You can buy these at a lot of different stores, well the modern take…so black and hot pink. Seth tried to convince to me to wear one, but I wasn’t so easily persuaded.

St. Peters – We quickly ducked into a church to get a feel for what is typical in Germany. After my initial awe at the intricate details and expansive arches, I noticed one side wall contained altars for the dead. The altars contained skeletons amidst the decoration and I won’t lie, it creeped me out a bit, especially since they were a foot away. They were blocked off so you wouldn’t disturb the dead, but just an interesting display if you ask me.

Residenz – This was like a flashback to History of Interiors in school…only way cooler! The palace was massive and extremely confusing to wander around. It took us like 30 minutes to just find the ticket counter. That should have been a sign. While I really enjoyed seeing so many rooms, and especially loved that I could take pictures, there really was not as many rooms and furniture as I was hoping. Although, maybe we just never found them… Also, should I ever decide to go back: DO NOT use the audio guide! The tour will last 8 hours if you do.

The English Garden – It was a rainy day and the clouds were coming, so we didn’t stay in this area long, but we got to experience beautifully manicured lawns and a large expansive park within a few minutes’ walk of each other. I really think this would be a great place to have a picnic, play Frisbee, etc. Lots of people were just lying around outside. It’d be my “Shelby Farms”.



We didn’t eat any meals out in Munich, but we did get the best ice cream I’d ever had at Amorino.

Day 1!

…And 2 days in row!!

Aren’t they pretty though?! I know, I know…I am obsessed!!

Gauteng – We were also able to visit a couple suburbs of Munich while there. Gauting is the area of Munich that Seth grew up in. I don’t know if I was more excited than him, but we went in search of his old house. We had vague directions, Seth’s distant memory, and…yep that’s all we had. Luckily, Seth quickly picked up on several landmarks that led us in the right direction, past his Kindergarten, pool, and finally to his house.

We also explored the area behind where he lived and it was gorgeous! This was a fun little detour to take.

Sternberg – The other suburb we went back to was actually the location of our first trip to Munich. We wanted to observe a bit more of the surroundings and get a better feel for the area. I probably over documented this trip, but here’s a quick glimpse into this area. It’s adjacent to a beautiful lake and really is such a gorgeous little area. It didn’t hurt that we had amazing weather.

And just for fun, I secretly shot this photo, as the culture just had me cracking up. Totally normal for two grannies to be out with their steins of beer, but not quite what you’d see a Southern grandmother doing. Sometimes you just have to giggle about cultural differences…or discreetly take their photo.


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