{st.gilgan: the most beautiful place on earth}

While we were dating, Seth raved about this place he went several years before called St. Gilgan. RAVED. He talked about how it was the most beautiful place he has ever been. How he and his good friends climbed this mountain and kept thinking it could not get even more amazing, but it did. He built and built and built this place up that I HAD to go. So I actually began to get a little nervous that when I finally was going to get the chance, it wouldn’t be as beautiful as I had pictured. However, it turns out I had nothing to worry about. It was not perfection, only heaven’s got that going on, but it was the closest thing I’ve seen so far. (Although the heat and sweat were great reality checks) This spot won as my favorite getaway location. I could be holed up here for weeks and be blissfully content. It’s got water, mountains, cafes…I could go on and on. But rather than ramble on, the pictures speak for themselves. We spent just part of a day here, and Seth had to tear me away when it was time to head on to Munich.


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