Ok, so that was three months ago. But they say these memories last for a lifetime…therefore, it’s only logical to conclude I am way ahead of the game.

After London, we headed to Munich where I got to hear Seth preach for the very first time! Hard to believe considering how long I have known him, but I never had the privilege of watching his seminary videos pre-marriage. They were always mysteriously misplaced, not convenient, etc. Purposefully done if you ask me! Not that I’d like to re-watch my Oral Communications videos either. But needless to say, it was about time! I was so excited…and probably more nervous than he was that morning! Considering it would be slightly awkward, not to mention my husband would kill me, no pictures or videos were taken from that short trip to Munich.

So we found ourselves back in Budapest with Seth’s parents for our first real stretch of time. Considering they have lived there for almost 10 years, I didn’t bother doing any research. I knew we would have the best tour guides! Over the three weeks we were gone, we spent a good portion of our trip in Budapest. It was our home base, resting place…and most importantly, laundry base! Can’t have stinky socks around the in-laws. I still have a decent amount of pictures from Budapest, but we did a lot of other low key, family things that I didn’t photograph. Don’t worry as I’ll be sure to allude to at least a few.


Castle Hill – This was the first place we ventured. We just walked the grounds of this castle which was breathtaking in and of itself. There were beautiful views of the river and lots of interesting statues and buildings around.

Covered Market – Seth and I explored this market on one of our last days in Budapest. It was interesting to see what sort of items they specialized in selling. They had really nice leather bags, beautiful linens, and tons of food items. I didn’t walk away with anything as I’d already grabbed a few souvies the day before, but it was still fun to walk through.

Boat Tour – We covered a lot of the major buildings by heading out on a boat tour. This was a really fun a.k.a lazy way to tour the city. Considering we had walked pretty much everywhere on our trip so far, it was really nice to just sit and still feel like you were exploring the city. We went under four of the major bridges of the city…bridges that combined the Buda and Pest side. We were also able to take in some of the major architectural buildings like the Parliament.

City Park – This was one of the coolest places I saw. It had all kinds of architectural styles going on and some really unique features. It was adjacent to a park and lake and would be the perfect place to mill about. I know I would love just spending a day outside near this area.

Hungarian National Gallery – One of the highlights of our time in Budapest was having Seth’s mom give us a tour of the art gallery where she volunteers. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a guide for an art gallery and this was a life-changing thing. I always appreciate art, but don’t have a very long attention span in museums. However, this definitely changes if I have someone telling me interesting facts about the artists and paintings. Her tour was so interesting and brought back so many terms I hadn’t heard since the beginning of college. She really was the best tour guide…and not just at the museum!


Budapest had LOTS of sculptures. Here’s just a small sampling of the many we saw…


By far, my absolute favorite place we went was really a surprise to me. I was really excited about London and all those places that I’d heard about for so many years, but the public library in Budapest, yeah, definitely not on my list. However, Seth’s mom had stumbled across it a couple weeks earlier and said that it was beautiful. So Seth, my lovable bibliophile, and I decided to search for it one day when we were in the city. When we found it, we were extremely confused because it looked just like any other library in the States that was built in the 70’s. After a little exploring, we finally found the area that his mom had described. AMAZING! It was exactly like so many castles that we had explored, but with no rope, no crowds, and you could just sit and take in the intricate surroundings. Cameras weren’t allowed but Seth managed to snap a couple quick shots before we realized this. I could have spent all day there! It was so inspiring and beautiful…and I’ll stop because I really could go on and on about it.



While I was there, I got to experience an authentic Hungarian meal. It was served family style and the one thing I learned while there was that they really love paprika! It’s always fun trying the food from various places…or maybe I just like eating…

And who can resist a Kodak cheesy moment like this…


Budapest was most exciting because we got to spend more time with Seth’s parents. It’s hard to believe I can count on my hands the number of times they’ve visited since I’ve known him. While we are more blessed than many, I really appreciate the time we get to spend with his parents. It was fun to see their house, their church, etc. I’d missed seeing that side to Seth while we were dating. One day, I finally got to pour over Seth’s baby pictures and family videos. Seth had an unfair advantage on me for the longest time, but now I’ve seen all his embarrassing stuff (like dressing up with his sisters…shhh don’t tell him!), so we’re even. The rest of our free time there was spent relaxing, eating, and watching Wooster and Jeeves. If you haven’t seen it, that show is amazing!


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